I am inspired by: Nakhane – South African Musician, Actor, Writer

I was introduced to Nakhane about a month ago by my husband. He shared a Sound Exploder episode decoding “New Brighton,” one of the songs on Nakhane’s 2018 album You Will Not Die, because he thought I’d like the story and the song. My husband was right.

I loved both the story and the song, and was quite honestly so deeply affected by the raw honesty in the song’s lyrics, Nakhane’s commentary about the origins of the song, his complicated relationship with religion, the influences on his life choices and his ongoing evolution as an artist, that I was hungry to learn more. I was particularly inspired by his vulnerability and courage, and wanted to somehow get closer to this talented, complex and authentic artist so I could vibe off of his unique energy. I instantly became a fan. And as I continue on my own journey of being vulnerably courageous in all of my life’s pursuits, I am happy to have acquired another relatable inspiration.

We can learn so much from the people around us who demonstrate this level of bravery and humility in their life’s work. For certain, Nakhane won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so no pressure to become a fan yourself. But if you are open to new experiences and your interest has been piqued, feel free to check out that Sound Exploder episode I referenced above.

Author: Nikkia Reveillac

Forever dancer-girl from Triniland, marvellous misfit, fearless rule-breaker, sassy stylista, curious challenger of a corporate juggernaut, energetic storyteller, passionate people lover - inspiring underdogs to step into the light that awaits them in every room.

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