Corporate underdogs and eclectics, rejoice in your strangeness!

Have you ever found yourself in that awkward situation where you show up to an event, enter a room in which everyone seems to have already spent an unnatural amount of time getting acquainted, and suddenly discover that everyone is wearing nearly identical outfits?

Well! I feel that way almost EVERY day at work and it’s not just limited to the dress code. In navy-blue-suit, off-white Corporate America, I feel like a rare and exotic bird: a Trini-sounding, sashaying, joke-cracking, smart and feisty bird. Your brand of bird may be different, but I am sure that if you’re reading this, you can probably relate.

Only recently, have I begun to realize the impact that I have been having on young people in the company who feel like imposters, and underdogs, and misfits; feeling perplexed about how to BE in order to succeed.

They told me they did not know it was possible to be SO uncompromisingly yourself and be respected at the same time, and I was honestly shocked; because I do not consider myself to be a success (the sky’s the limit remember? and there is no limit to the sky! see my earlier post on my mother’s mantras).

But then I felt warmed, and humbled, and responsible… responsible for sharing my thoughts and stories with all the other beautiful misfits out there, so that we can be ourselves in a room full of suits and we will all be perfectly fine.

Author: Nikkia Reveillac

Forever dancer-girl from Triniland, marvellous misfit, fearless rule-breaker, sassy stylista, curious challenger of a corporate juggernaut, energetic storyteller, passionate people lover - inspiring underdogs to step into the light that awaits them in every room.

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